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Tool kitI’ve been buying internet marketing tools for several years but not doing very much with them.

As I have come across these tools the sales pitches have managed to convince me that I can’t go another day without them, and that as soon as I buy them the money will start rolling in.

Well that didn’t happen, and it’s only recently that I have started to make some money online.

The surprising thing is that as I have started to make money it’s become a little clearer what tools I really needed to get.

I feel like I have finally managed to get the horse in front of the cart, instead of the other way round, where it’s been for a long time.

The essentials were already in place

As you know, the really essential things you need to get started in business online is a domain name, some web hosting and a website.

There are people who tell me that these things aren’t actually essential, but it seems that without them you would constantly be doing “one-shot” offers and it would be difficult to build a sustainable online business.

What are you offering?

One of the biggest problems I had in the past was that I didn’t really know what I was trying to tell people about when marketing products. You really need an offer that you can promote so that when people buy it you can make some money.

This might seem really obvious to you, but for some reason I was missing this point completely. I had the vague idea that I should be building an email list (because the money is in the list, right?), but I really didn’t know what I was going to do with it, apart from some vague notions of emailing people to tell them about interesting stuff.

It’s becoming clear that you really need to spend money to promote your online business, and without a great offer that people can buy it will be hard to make any money.

I did think about developing some products myself to start off with, but there are already so many great products out there I decided to promote other people’s stuff.

Getting started with solo ads

I’ve tried to drive traffic to websites by developing pages that would rank high in the search results, but no matter how great a job I thought I was doing the number of visitors was pitiful, and the amount of money I made was laughable.

As soon as I identified a great offer though, I felt confident in spending money on advertising to promote that offer, and so I ordered my first ever solo ad campaign.

Click tracking with ClickMagick

When you buy solo ads you usually pay for a certain number of “clicks”. This means the solo ad vendor will email his subscribers with information about your offer and one or more links to it. Each time one of the people receiving the email clicks on a link to your offer that is a click.

The solo ad vendor will tell you how many clicks you received but you also need to keep track of this yourself. I originally thought that I could just look at how many visitors my landing page (more jargon) received in something like Google Analytics, but it became clear quite quickly that this isn’t good enough, and that theres much more that can be done.

I heard about ClickMagic in a Facebook group that I belong to and decided to give it a try. So far I’m really impressed with what it offers.

You can set up a special forwarding link for everything you are doing to promote your offer. Different links for different sources allow you to keep track of where all the traffic comes from. You can even set up rotators so that one special link will take visitors to different landing pages so you can test what is working best.

Something that really impressed me right away was the ability to use a spare domain name that you own to set up custom links. This means you can keep your branding in the special links rather than using the general purpose links that ClickMagick provides.

I’ve only started to scratch the surface of what ClickMagick provides but I’m already really excited about the possibilities.

Building a list and business relationships with GetResponse

Rather than sending traffic (people visiting my website, actually) straight to the offer page, I’ve learned that it’s important to collect their email address so that I can keep in touch with them. This is important so I can send more information of interest to them without them having to come back to my website.

For this I set up an account with GetResponse, who provide email marketing services, commonly called an autoresponder. I have accounts with a couple of similar providers, but because I had no idea what I was doing until recently I hardly used them at all.

GetResponse promotes itself as the “World’s easiest email marketing” and I’m finding it hard to disagree. Setting up a fairly long series of follow-up emails was easy and editing them when necessary is easy due to the helpful layout.

The other thing that I’ve found useful is that so many internet marketers seem to use GetResponse in their training materials, so I’ve had plenty of guidance to help me along.

An autoresponder is really, really essential, and now that my list is building up into the hundreds of subscribers I’m starting to feel like I’m actually building a proper online business, rather than dabbling here and there.

Building landing pages with LeadPages

Like most internet marketers (that’s the first time I’ve called myself that, but I am one now!) I used WordPress to build my website.

I have tried various plug-ins and tools to produce pages were people can opt-in to receive further information and to present various offers but I found that I was spending too much time on this.

Rather than spending time producing content and promoting offers, I was getting stuck just putting together the pages to hold the information.

I have been hearing about LeadPages for over a year, but I didn’t really understand how they could help me. It just looked like another page builder service that would cost me money but not provide any value.

The thing that convinced me to take another look was an email marketing course by Alex Jeffreys where he was talking about LeadPages. In Alex’s video he talked about the analytics provided with LeadPages and it looked so useful.

You can track opt-ins on your email capture page and conversions on your sales pages. This was starting to look interesting.

Once I bought LeadPages I found out that they now provide a range of additional services like LeadBoxes, which lets you open up opt-in boxes when people click on images and links on your website so that you can provide enhanced content in return for providing their email address.

Again, I’m just getting going with LeadPages but it looks great so far, with a lot of useful functionality and a ton of information on how to use it.

Three great internet marketing tools

This is just a little summary of these three great internet marketing tools that I have started using recently.

The real difference between these tools and others I have bought in the past is that I’m actually using them properly to make some money in this online business!

Since I’ve started to take action rather than not, as Frank Kern says, I’m learning so much more and I’m actually making money online (already had a $1,000 day). I just need to keep going and see where that takes me.

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