About This Online BusinessHey there, I’m Keiran, owner of This Online Business.

I’ve been in the internet business since the year 2000 (can’t help saying it that way), helping businesses with their websites by providing development, hosting and search engine services.

For the past seven or eight years my main goal has been to develop my own online business, but I found it very difficult to get going.

I heard a lot about affiliate marketing and how easy it was to make money with this approach, but it turned out to me much harder than it looked.

I have an interest in health, fitness and personal development and I set up a number of websites to provide content on these topics. There were plenty of relevant products to promote but it proved very difficult to get enough qualified visitors to my websites, and to get the visitors who did come to take some action.

While dealing with these challenges I tried to learn everything I could about online marketing, such as search engine optimisation, link building, sources of traffic and affiliate promotions. Despite utilising some great training products I still found it very difficult.

The turning point actually came this summer (2015), when I received an email about something called “The Quick Start Challenge”. This Challenge was organised by Dean Holland, and it provided a structured plan and weekly coaching to get going with an online business. Despite already having tried to do this I decided to give it a go. Great decision!

The Challenge lasted four weeks and was a lot of fun, and developing this website was one of the tasks. At the end we got the opportunity to take things further by taking up the offer of another of Dean’s programmes.

Within a few days of starting to implement this programme I made my first sales online, and within a month I had my first four figure day. This is something I believed I would never be able to do, so I’m surprised and delighted.

I’m moving forward and trying to develop my online business further. Now that I have started to learn some of the really important things in internet marketing, and the found the people that can help me, I’m very optimistic about the future for This Online Business.